Netflix localizes service in Russia in partnership with NMG

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Netflix localizes service in Russia in partnership with NMG

Netflix will release a special version in Russian after signing an agreement with the National Media Group (NMG).

The new version will launch in mid-October and will be fully localized. The international version has been available in Russia since 2015, but Russian-language subtitles and dubbing are limited. Subscribers could only make payments in euros. The new localized version will provide all Russian subscribers with access to a new Russian-language interface with subtitles, duplication and the ability to pay in rubles.

At the start of the project, about 40 Russian films will be presented, and this number is expected to increase to 100 by the end of the year. The newly acquired Russian content by Netflix will also be available worldwide..

A Netflix spokesman told BroadBband TV News: «Netflix is ​​available in over 30 languages ​​worldwide. Almost five years after the launch of our English-language service in Russia, we are pleased to provide our members with a fully Russian-language service in partnership with NMG».

«NMG and Netflix are working on the full localization of the service. This transaction is part of the implementation of NMG’s strategy to achieve leadership positions in the digital and content segments in Russia», — stated «Izvestia» General Director of NMG Olga Paskina.

NMG occupies about 25% of the Russian Pay TV market. The company mainly focuses on the content of Western companies, and since 2016 it has acquired Russian versions of the channels produced by Discovery, Turner, Viasat and Sony.

NMG also has a distribution business, which it owns jointly with Discovery.

Netflix localizes service in Russia in partnership with NMG

According to Russian media legislation, foreign players can only own 20% of the company, implying that the partnership between NMG and Netflix complies with these rules.

It is reported that NMG «excited» on what Netflix can offer Russian content to a global audience. This refers to the series «Epidemic», which Netflix will be promoting internationally as «To the lake».

Subscribers will receive the basic plan for RUB 599 (currently € 7.99), the standard plan for RUB 799 (currently € 9.99) and the premium plan for RUB 999 (currently € 11.99).

«Entering through a partnership with NMG is a great option for Netflix, since NMG has shares in TV channels, as well as rights to show, including in "figure", a huge library of foreign, theatrical content, which Netflix sagged a bit, as the company mainly focuses on its own exclusives. There is very little Russian cinema there, and a partnership with NMG can change that at the snap of a finger.», – this is how the head of Content Review commented on the deal in an interview with TASS Sergey Polovnikov.